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Medical/Clinical Laboratory Technologist | Laboratory

Medical Technologist (International)

with LabMinds Staffing & Recruiting
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Location Goldendale, WA
Start Date ASAP
Length ā€”
Hours/Week 40
Min. Years of Experience 1
Bed Count
Job Type Full Time
LabMinds Staffing and Recruiting is seeking Medical Technologist to perform day to day operations in the laboratory.

Medical Technologist responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Responsible for a high level of technical knowledge and application of that knowledge to department testing, clinical relevance, and complex problem solving skills
  • Ability to function in all areas of the laboratory: blood bank, chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and serology/immunology.
  • Responsible for high-complexity testing. Perform quality control procedures and instrument check efficiently.
  • Notify patient care unit and/or physician of critical lab values. Maintain accurate laboratory records on procedures performed.
  • Demonstrates excellent problem solving skills, and high level of self-motivation.
  • Communicates effectively in oral and written formats sufficient to demonstrate comprehension.
  • VisaScreen Certification

    certification No Expiration Indicated • Required before Submission
    Passed IELTS Exam
    Talent Instructions
  • Other Document

    generic No Expiration Indicated • Required before Submission
    ASCP Certificate
    Talent Instructions