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X-ray Technologist | Imaging

Radiologic Technologist (International)

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Location Kimball, NE
Start Date ASAP
Hours/Week 40
Min. Years of Experience 1
Bed Count 15
Job Type Full Time
  • Operates x-ray equipment to produce radiographs of designated portions of the body under the supervision of a physician or radiologist by performing the following duties in accordance with facility policies and procedures.
  • Schedules procedures within a timely manner. 
  • Perform all routine radiographic procedures including CT scans, C-Arm and Dexa Scans. 
  • Produce diagnostic images with minimal repeats. 
  • Operates power injector for CT Scans. 
  • Operate computerized radiographic system (CR), digital radiographic system (DR), Radiology Information System (RIS), C-Arm equipment and computer, Dexa equipment and computer and Picture Archiving System (PACS) 
  • Explain procedures to patient and instruct on any required preparation for procedures. 
  • Administer radiographic contrast agents as ordered. 
  • Adjust radiographic equipment to correct setting for each examination. 
  • Position and instruct patients, determine proper voltage, current and desired exposure time for each radiographic image. 
  • Arrange, attach, or adjust immobilization and supportive devices to obtain the precise positions. 
  • Practice radiation safety to minimize radiation to patient, staff, and self. 
  • Assist in all radiology ancillary duties. 
  • Assists mobile services as needed/required. 
  • Assure that billing and clerical duties are performed accurately, with all required signatures. 
  • Participate in maintaining an organized and clean department, and safe work environment. 
  • Adhere to all Corporate Compliance policies. 
  • Treat patients, fellow employees and visitors with respect and dignity at all times. 
  • Any other duties as assigned
  • Highest level of education completed

    education No Expiration Indicated • Required before Submission
  • Other Document

    generic No Expiration Indicated • Required before Submission
    Current Registration with American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
    Talent Instructions
  • Other Document

    generic No Expiration Indicated • Required before Submission
    Completion of 24 months of training in an accredited institution for Radiologic Technology.
    Talent Instructions
  • Nebraska Radiologic Technologist License

    license No Expiration Indicated • Required before Submission
    Talent Instructions
    Any State License is Accepted